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Important notice to PV-SB Homeowners

February 15, 2019

Dear Powder Valley‐Shadow Brook Homeowners,

The PV‐SB HOA Board has recently had to make major changes for the management of our property. We were notified in late January that Grand Targhee Resort Property Management (GTRPM) was changing personnel and that they no longer wanted to manage our HOA, effective immediately. Since then the Board has spent countless hours to evaluate and procure replacement services and to ensure the integrity of the HOA administration and management.

We have hired Rudd & Company to handle our bookkeeping services through their Rexburg office. They are an excellent, full service accounting firm in Idaho. GTRPM agreed to forward all payments to Rudd & Company so do not be alarmed if your February payment went to them. Please note that all payments will now be mailed to:

Rudd & Company

Attn: Kent Wood

124 E. Main Street Rexburg, ID 83440

Rudd & Co. has been updating everyone’s accounts and February invoices went out yesterday. We will not be assessing any late fees on February or March HOA dues. We appreciate your patience as we get this new system set up.

Our facility management will now be handled through Grand Valley Lodging. If you notice problems or have concerns with any of the HOA property, please contact a Board member or Mark Mozley, head of the site committee.

The members of the Board welcome input from each of you. Like you, we are all HOA members and want the best for our community. We will have more to share in the near future as we move forward.

We appreciate your partnership

Cindy Ozaki, Mark Mozley, Bill Cutting, Bill Schulz, Maureen Holman

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28 сент. 2019 г.

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