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FAQs: About Us

Q. What is the Powder Valley-Shadowbrook Homeowner's Association?

A. The Association is comprised of all of the owners in the Powder Valley and Shadow Brook community. There are 44 units that make up the association with each having one vote.


Q. What is the function of the Association?

A. The Association owns and is responsible for the commonly-held property of the development.


Q. Does the Association hold meetings that include all owners?

A. An annual meeting is held each autumn in Driggs. The date, time and place of the meeting will be announced by email. Your representation at the meeting is 1) in person, 2) virtual or 3) you may designate someone who will be in attendance as your proxy.

We follow the "Old business" and "New business" meeting structure. Send any new business items you may have to the   Board secretary. If you are attending in person, you may bring up any additional items at the meeting


Q. How is the Association organized?

A. The Association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of five members who have been elected by a majority of the represented members at the annual meeting of the association. Members of the Board are NOT paid for their service.


Q. How are the activities expenses of the Association funded?

A. Funding is derived through the collection of monthly dues paid by each owner. At times it may become necessary for the Management Committee to make an assessment to fund larger projects. An example of this was the large water system upgrade project we undertook in 2001-2004.

Q: Do penalties accrue for late payment? If so, what are they?

A. Payments not received on or before the end of the month are considered delinquent and subject to both a late fee penalty and recurring interest.  

Late Penalties. A late penalty of 5% of the payment amount shall be assessed on any delinquent payment and this penalty shall be added to the payment and the combined amount is due the first day of the following month.

An interest charge of 1.35% per month (18% per annum) shall be assessed monthly on all amounts one month or more past their due date. The interest charge is assessed in addition to the late penalty on delinquent amounts. 

In extreme circumstances a lien may be placed on a property. If a homeowner’s account is still not paid, the HOA would be forced to foreclose on the property and the homeowner would bear the legal expenses.


Q. What does my monthly HOA fee cover?

A. Monthly HOA dues provide the funding for the following items:

  • Lawn & sprinkler maintenance

  • Fire & earthquake insurance on building structures

  • Staining of buildings. (Minor siding repairs can be handled when your unit is being stained.)

  • Liability insurance for the common grounds

  • Repairs & maintenance to the common grounds

  • Accounting & legal services

  • Trash removal

  • Taxes for common areas

  • Water & Sewer

  • Electricity for well pumps

  • Snow removal

  • Facilities Management

  • Miscellaneous expenses


Q. What don’t my monthly dues cover?

A. Each owner is responsible to pay the following expenses:

  • Electricity - Fall River Electrical Co-op

  • Contents & "studs-in" insurance

  • Propane - Fall River Propane

  • Maintenance & repair of your unit

  • Telephone - SilverStar

  • Deck staining

  • Internet service - SilverStar and Rise Broadband

  • Roof maintenance & replacement

  • Satellite TV - DirecTV, Dish, etc.

  • Siding repair & replacement

  • Property taxes


Q. How is building staining handled?

A. The HOA is responsible for the staining of our buildings. A portion of our monthly dues is set aside to cover the cost of staining each of our buildings. This is done on a rotating schedule with each building being stained once every five to seven (5-7) years.

Q. How do I find out about recycling?

A. Teton County has a recycling program that involves you collecting and sorting your recyclable materials and taking them to the Teton County Transfer station.

The sorted materials that homeowners will most likely have for recycling are corrugated cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic bottles (#1 and #2) which can be recycled for free.


Q. What is the mailing address for the Association?

A. Powder Valley-Shadowbrook Homeowner's Association

    c/o Rudd & Co.

    490 First American Circle

    Rexburg, ID 83440


Q. I own a dog. What do I need to know about keeping a dog on the property?

A. As a common courtesy to other owners and visitors, we request that you have your dog on a leash when it is outside your unit, pick up your dog's waste and dispose of it in one of our refuse dumpsters, and keep it from barking, especially at night

If you observe other folks who are not conforming to the above, you have the right and responsibility to point this out to them. It benefits us all in the long run. If they refuse to comply, please contact one of the Board members with details of the incident


Q. How do I get up to speed with all of the things that have gone on in the past?

The best way to do this is to read the Archives.


Q. I would like to make some improvements to the area adjacent to my unit. Do I need to clear this with the other owners?

A. Start with the Site Committee; they can determine whether your project fits within our CC&R (Covenants, Codes & Restrictions).  Once approved, you might wish to check out our contractor page to save time in locating various service providers


Q. I would like to get personally involved in the Association. How do I go about it?

A. The more folks who are involved, the stronger our Association becomes.

  • Attend the Annual Meetings

  • Introduce yourself to other owners and discuss the property and Association with them

  • Talk to one of the Board members about volunteering and helping out


Q. I have a question that has not been answered here. How do I get an answer to that question?

A. Contact a Board Member. Their names and contact information are contained in the HOA Board and Management page.

FAQs: About Us
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