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When You Need Something Done, Who You Gonna Call? This list is a start.

Over the years our owners have developed good relationships with a handful of reliable providers of goods and services. If you're looking for a professional to help repair, replace, remodel, or anything, the list of contractors is a good starting point. 

Note: This list does not represent an "approved" list of contractors by the HOA, nor does it in any way guarantee performance. To be safe, you'll have to perform your own due diligence.  

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From time to time, you may need to upgrade improve or repair aspects of your home's exterior. You may choose to do this as a DIY project, or to hire a contractor. We've posted several specifications you'll need to be aware of in order to make sure your improvements are consistent with our approved colors, materials, and installation techniques.

 Exterior Stain

Generally, our homes are stained twice every decade by Log-Care. But we highly recommend that you keep a gallon of PVSB "Gray" so that you can touch up problem areas outside of your regular staining schedule. Here is a link to the prescribed stain that Log-Care applies. It is available at Valley Lumber, in Victor. 

Gutters and Heat Tape

Now that all of our original roofs have been replaced, the best way to protect them from the damaging effects of ice dams, melting snow and other winter scourges, is with a combination of heat tape and gutters. Both of these items should be installed by a professional contractor. We've listed several of these in our Approved Contractor Directory, above. While gutters and heat tape are both useful individually, we highly recommend installing both: as the heat tape melts the snow during the day, the runoff should be able to leave the roof via a gutter and downspout. The best choice for our climate is Raychem Self-Regulating Commercial Grade Heat Tape (or another of similar quality), arrayed across the front dormer and the eave, gutter, and through a downspout that empties into the french drains on either side of our garage doors. Prefabricated heat tape is most efficiently installed in lengths under 100',  and include standard plug ends to get to power. The existing wall outlet may work for a single length of heat tape, but we strongly recommend soffit outlets (BETTER), or hard wired connections (BEST), to reduce chances of shorting out. Gutter contractors generally employ extruded gutter techniques, which are the most cost-effective methods. Check with your contractor and compare this description with their estimate to be sure it complies with the approved specification. The only approved color for gutters in Powder Valley-Shadow Brook is Victorian Grey. And be sure to contact the Site Committee contact, Bill Cutting for official approval, before you execute a contract.


If you're considering a hot tub on your private outdoor deck, better know the regulations ahead of time. 

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Motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers (including travel trailers, work trailers, and trailers designed to haul motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles) may be parked immediately in front of an owner's garage for a period not to exceed 48 hours, and providing the vehicle not be so large as to impede the flow of traffic through the community. If a vehicle either exceeds the size limit (typically 30 feet or longer), or must be parked for a period longer than 48 hours, the owner must, in advance, submit a written request to the Site Committee, for approval. This can be done by email to:

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